Media & Technology Service

Telephone Service

Our hospital’s specific bed has its own telephone number, which patients receive upon admission to the hospital. There is no charge for local telephone calls, but patients will be billed for long-distance calls. Instructions for using the hospital telephones can be found in the patient’s room. Besides, there is PABX connection at every floor for internal communication with doctors and officials.

Please note: calls received after 10:30 pm are automatically diverted to the unit's nursing station and will not ring through to patient rooms. To stop incoming calls during the day, ask your primary nurse to unplug your phone.


Every patient’s room is equipped with a television and basic television service at no extra cost. The patient education channels are also available at no cost. If you are experiencing problems with your TV, call the respective department through the PABX service.


Newspapers are available at 5th floor only for the recreation of the visitors along with television up to 9:00 pm and no visitor is allowed to carry it with him to the patient room or anywhere else except the respected area.

Wireless Internet Access

Our hospital has a Wi-Fi zone for access to the internet at ground and 1st floor only. Wireless Internet access is available for public use in the hospital area only. Please contact the officials for Wi-Fi service of the hospital.